Protective Order Registry

The Georgia Protective Order Registry is an online service that stores all Protective Orders issued by the 高等法院s of Georgia as authorized by the Family Violence statutes of the state. Senate Bill 57 mandated that the Registry be made part of the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) system in Georgia, and that the Georgia 高等法院 Clerks’ Cooperative Authority work with GCIC to obtain the Protective Order data issued by the courts. Protective Orders are also available to law enforcement agencies nationwide through GCIC and NCIC systems.

How the Registry is Used

Clerks of 高等法院 are responsible for indexing the required data for Orders filed in their courts; electronically scanning the Orders; and attaching the images of the Orders to the indexed data. The Clerks transmit the indexed data and the Order images to the Georgia 高等法院 Clerks’ Cooperative Authority. The Authority then verifies and forwards the transmissions to the GCIC computer system.

注册表, accessed by law enforcement through GCIC terminals, displays all Protective Orders and related data for the respondent. A respondent name search will produce information such as criminal data, court disposition data and protective order data.

Protective Order 形式

All SB 57 Files and 形式 may be downloaded at the Georgia 高等法院 Clerks' Cooperative Authority website.